Who's Shade?

Hey! My name's Shade, and I'm just some guy on the internet who's really into video games and helping people out.

At the moment, I'm mostly known for some Final Fantasy XIV guides that I put together over the past few years. I published an enormous crafter leveling spreadsheet guide back in 2017 and I also made a handful of guide videos under my old name—Shade's Guide.

What is this website?

Shade's Game Source is where all of my past, present, and future content will live. Right now, that consists of a bunch of Final Fantasy XIV guides, but I plan to branch out into other things (and other games) in the future. (More on that here!)

All written SGS content will be posted exclusively on this website, and all video content will be uploaded to the SGS Youtube channel and then embedded / organized on this site.

In a very, very small nutshell... that's who I am and what this is!

If you have any questions or feedback at all you'd like to share, feel free to contact me anytime!

- Shade