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Crafter Leveling Guide

What Is This Guide?

Just above the Contents section of this guide, you'll find a link to the actual crafter leveling guide. If you've checked it out already and are completely lost on how to use it, keep reading this page—it explains everything in detail.

Crafter classes

The guide was designed to assist with leveling up all eight crafting (AKA "Disciple of the Hand" / "DoH") classes in Final Fantasy XIV. If you're interested in leveling up your crafters as quickly and easily as possible, this is the guide for you.

Completing crafting leves and submitting Ishgardian Restoration collectables are by far the fastest ways to level up any crafting class. This guide fully covers both of these methods.

What Are "Crafting Leves"?

First off, the term "leve" is short for "levequest"; people use these terms interchangeably.
Basically, a "crafting leve" is a quest that requires you to turn an item in to an NPC in exchange for EXP.

Accepting a leve costs 1 leve allowance, and you automatically accumulate 3 allowances every 12 hours until you reach the allowance cap of 100. You can see how many leve allowances you currently have at the bottom of the Journal menu:

Journal menu

Most people do their crafting themselves, but because the items that you'll be turning in are fully tradeable, you actually don't have to—you could ask a nice, high-leveled crafter friend to craft for you... or you could even just buy the items and turn them in for EXP.

As of the Shadowbringers expansion, there are over 800 crafting leves in the game. I've painstakingly analyzed every single one of them and hand-picked only the easiest, fastest leves for this guide.

Without getting into too much detail, some of the things I took into consideration when making my picks were:

What Are "Ishgardian Restoration collectables"?

Similarly, Ishgardian Restoration collectables are items that you turn in for EXP. Unlike leves, though, there are no allowances or any other limitations associated with them—go nuts!

One major difference between them is that, unlike crafting leves, the collectables that you'll be turning in for EXP are actually untradeable—you have to do the crafting yourself.

You don't get many choices when it comes to Ishgardian Restoration collectables; you just craft the item that's appropriate for your class / level and turn it in for EXP. Very straight-forward:

Also, most Ishgardian Restoration collectable recipes are significantly simpler than those of crafting leves. However, all Ishgardian Restoration collectable recipes require at least one "Skybuilder" material that can only be gathered in a special area called The Diadem... OR... purchased on the Market Board.

NOTE: Ishgardian Restoration item tradability

All right, I oversimplified that last part a little bit. I'll elaborate:

So... TECHNICALLY... the Skybuilder materials found in The Diadem are NOT tradeable... but in order to actually craft with those materials, they must first be "approved" by an NPC in The Firmament—the area where all of the Ishgardian Restoration NPCs are.

The approval process converts the untradeable Skybuilder materials into "Approved" Skybuilder materials... which ARE tradeable:

Approving Skybuilders' materials
These item names are getting ridiculous

But, just to be clear, the Requested Items that you'll actually be turning in for EXP—like all collectables—are NOT tradeable; you'll still have to craft those.

Anyway, as you can see below, I've designed the guide to allow for easy, direct comparisons between the best crafting leve and Ishgardian Restoration collectables at any given level so that you can level up however you prefer. The guide also provides plenty of clear recommendations and tips on how to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Crafting leve vs Ishgardian Restoration collectable
Leve data above; Ishgardian Restoration data below
NOTE: My recommendations

In the above image, notice on the far left that the "LEVE" block is lit up in green, whereas the "ISHG. REST." block is grayed out. That's because, at this particular level tier, I recommend doing the crafting leve.

But, as I said, the guide allows you to level up however you prefer, so plase feel free to completely ignore my recommendations if you'd like.

And that's the gist of what this guide is.

Now, before I actually explain everything you just saw in that last image—which, admittedly, was a lot—let's quickly go over the contents of the guide.

What's in This Guide?

Once you have the guide open, you'll notice a bunch of colorful tabs along the bottom of the screen.

Crafter Leveling Guide contents

Here's what they all are:


This is where you'll find a master list of all of the crafting leves and Ishgardian Restoration collectables that I recommend throughout the guide:

The 'Overview' tab
Leves are listed in red; Ishgardian Restoration collectables are blue

It's basically just a giant roadmap of how I recommend you go through the entire crafter leveling process—i.e. when I think you should be doing crafting leves and when I think you should be doing Ishgardian Restoration collectables.

Crafter Leveling Guides

All of those pretty, colored tabs are where you'll find all of the guides for each individual crafting class.

The guides fully cover the best crafting leves as well as Ishgardian Restoration collectables for every crafting class at every level. They're all designed in exactly the same way, and I fully explain how to use them a little further down this page.

Item List

This tab contains a master list of every item mentioned in this guide. Refer to this tab to quickly look up info on where to get items / materials / gear / etc.

The 'Item List' Tab

There are currently about 1,700 items in this list. All items are grouped by gathering / acquisition method (mining, fishing, crafting, etc.) and then sorted alphabetically.

This page doesn't include data on how to get every single item in the game, but it does include data on how to get every single item referenced in this guide. It also fully covers the entire Miner and Botanist Gathering Logs.


You can ignore this tab—it's basically just a section for some of my notes. A lot of the EXP formulas in the guide reference data in this tab.

And that's everything in this guide.
Now, let's talk about how to actually use it.

How to read the Crafter Leveling Guides

Crafting Leves

First off, here's what a crafting leve data table looks like:

A typical crafting leve data table
You can click on images like this to view them full-size

Confused? No problem!

Obviously, that's way too much information to throw at you all at once, so let's break this entire thing down into 3 sections.

1. Basic Leve Information

When it comes to doing crafting leves, some of the first questions you'll need to answer are:

  1. Which leve am I going to do?
  2. Where do I go to accept it?
  3. What do I have to craft?
  4. What are the steps I need to take to craft it?
  5. Where do I go to complete the leve once I'm done crafting?
  6. How many times do I have to repeat this until I can move on to the next leve?

The Leve Information section on the left is where you'll find all of this basic info:


It stands for "guide ID". You can completely ignore these; they're literally just reference numbers to help me keep track of things.

One very important thing to note regarding leves is that, if you turn in normal quality (NQ) items, you get the base EXP shown in the table, however, as you can see below, if you turn in high quality (HQ) items, you get double the base EXP:

Crafting Reward (HQ)
You get a completion bonus for turning in HQ Requested Items

Okay, so now you know where to go, which leve to accept, and what exactly you're going to craft.

The next thing to figure out is... how exactly do you craft it?

2. Crafting Breakdown

At this point, you have a few new things to consider:

  1. Which raw materials do I need?
  2. Do I have to do any preliminary crafting in order to craft the Requested Item?
  3. What are the requirements for these preliminary crafted components?

The Material Allocation section in the center provides a visual breakdown of how to craft ONE SET of whatever it is you're ultimately going to turn in for EXP—the Requested Item(s):

NOTE: "Materials" vs "Components" vs "Requested Items"

All recipes require materials. Some of these materials must be gathered and some must be crafted.

For example, Maple Logs can be gathered by a Botanist. In this guide, I refer to these kinds of items as "raw materials".

Maple Lumber, on the other hand, must be crafted by a Carpenter. I refer to these kinds of items as "crafted components".

A "Requested Item" is whatever you're ultimately trying to craft—the final item you'll be turning in for EXP.


"ONE SET" means all of the materials you need to FULLY complete a leve from a SINGLE leve allowance. Some leves require multiple Requested Items at once, and some leaves are repeatable.

In the above example, the leve's Requested Item is a single Bronze Spear and the leve is NOT repeatable... so the materials listed are all of the materials you need to craft a single Bronze Spear.

That's all you really need to know about this section—for now. At this point, you know how to craft everything to complete this leve once.

You're going to need a few materials, but... where do you find them?

3. Material Acquisition

Now that you're finally ready to run all around Eorzea to start your sweet new Maple Log collection, you'll want to consider the following:

  1. How many of each material do I need?
  2. Where do I go to gather them?
  3. How exactly do I gather them?
  4. ...Can't I just buy them from an NPC instead?
    1. I can? Where!?
    2. For how much!?

The long section over on the right is where you'll find everything you need to know about where / how to get everything:

NOTE: Alternate Acquisition Methods

There are often multiple ways to acquire a particular item, but in order to keep this guide from being waaay too long, I only list the easiest way to QUICKLY and RELIABLY acquire items by gathering / hunting / etc.
In other words, I avoided listing unreliable / luck-based acquisition methods like fishing, desynthesis, and aethereal reduction as much as possible.

Also, there are more codes used for other gathering methods not listed in the above image. See the "Method" column notes section near the top of the Item List tab (in the guide) for the full list of codes.

And that's everything you need to know about the crafting leve data tables... almost!

I've mentioned "repeatable" leves a few times now. Here's what those are:

Repeatable Leves

Once you accept a leve, you can hand over the Requested Item to the appropriate NPC to get your EXP. After that, you can re-accept the leve and repeat the process.

Non-repeatable leves can only be turned in once per leve acceptance.
(i.e. 1 leve allowance = 1 turn-in)

Repeatable leves, on the other hand, can be turned in 3 times per leve acceptance.
(i.e. 1 leve allowance = 3 turn-ins)

How do you know if a leve is repeatable?

All crafting leves are grouped into types, represented by cards. All you really have to know regarding crafting leve types is that, if you see either of the following two cards when examining a leve, then it's repeatable:

Repeatable leve cards
You'll only see the card on the right on leves Lv. 70 and above

Generally speaking, repeatable leves will get you more EXP per leve allowance than non-repeatable leves will, however, that doesn't necessarily mean that all repeatable leves are worth doing—some of them require far more materials than others to complete, and some of them require materials that are very difficult to gather.

In the below example, the leve requires 1 Iron Claw Hammer... but because it's repeatable, you'll actually want to turn it in 3 times, handing over a total of 3 Iron Claw Hammers to get the full EXP.

Repeatable Leves
All calculations have been adjusted specifically for repeatable leves; no need for you to do any math!

And that's everything you need to know about the crafting leve data tables... really!

Now, let's talk about Ishgardian Restoration collectables.

Ishgardian Restoration Collectables

Here's what an Ishgardian Restoration data table looks like:

Look familiar?

Yup, except for the section on the left, crafting leve and Ishgardian Restoration data tables are structurally identical.

When you're turning in Ishgardian Restoration collectables, items with higher collectability ratings will get you more EXP. The main difference between crafting leves and Ishgardian Restoration collectables is that, when crafting for leves, you're trying to craft HQ items; when crafting collectables, you're trying to craft items with the highest possible collectability rating.

Incidentally, the way you craft HQ items and items with high collectability is actually the same. As you can see, when crafting Ishgardian Restoration collectables, the item's "quality" rating is automatically converted into "collectability":

Crafting an Ishgardian Restoration collectable
Collectability = 10% of Quality

1. Basic Collectable Information

When doing Ishgardian Restoration collectables, you need to know the following:

  1. What am I crafting?
  2. How much collectability do I need?
  3. How many times do I have to craft this to move on to the next level tier?

NOTE: Missing "middle" level of collectability
3 Levels of Collectability

My guide only lists two levels of collectability (min. and max.), but, as you can see, Ishgardian Restoration collectables actually have three levels of collectability; I don't list this middle level.

The reason for that is very simple: it won't fit in the guide.
I don't like omitting data outright like this, but it was a necessary compromise.

Basically, though, while you're crafting, you always want to try to craft items with as much collectability as possible. Even if you fall a little short of max. collectability, mid. collectability will still get you significantly more EXP / Skybuilders' Scrips than min. collectability would.

And that covers the Collectable Information section of the Ishgardian Restoration data tables. Again, the rest of the data table works exactly as it does for crafting leves, so I won't explain those again.

(If you skipped the section on crafting leves and have no idea what I'm talking about, see the Crafting Breakdown and Material Acquisition sections above.)

And that wraps up the Ishgardian Restoration collectables section.

There's one more thing I want to cover regarding leveling up your crafters, and it concerns both leves and Ishgardian Restoration collectables.


At the bottom of the crafter leveling guides for each class, you'll see the following giant data tables:

Item totals
This table only lists Raw Materials; you'll find separate tables for Crafted Components and Requested Items as well

They look just like the Material Acquisition section I went over earlier in the guide, but these lists include all of the items in the entire guide for a particular class.

Even if you're not quite ready to start actually leveling up your crafters yet, there's a lot you can do to prepare for it in the mean time.

For example, if you've got a bunch of lazy retainers just sitting around doing nothing, why not preemptively send them out to start stockpiling materials that you're going to need a lot of that you can't buy from vendors?

These lists make it very easy to identify those materials.

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about using this guide to level up your crafters.

That was a lot of information, though, so...


To recap:

And at the bottom of each guide, you'll find giant lists displaying how many of each Raw Material, Crafted Component, and Requested Item you need to reach level 80.

All right... with all of that said... there's one FINAL thing I want to explain about the guide that has nothing to do with leveling up.

Farming for Skybuilders' Scrips

At the bottom of each crafter leveling guide (just above the Totals section), you'll find some data on crafting level 80 Ishgardian Restoration collectables, but they look a little different from the other Ishgardian Restoration tables:

Because 80 is the current level cap, the only reason to turn in level 80 Ishgardian Restoration collectables is to farm for Skybuilders' Scrips. With that in mind, I decided to remove all of the EXP data from these tables and re-work them into something more useful.

These special tables allow you to enter a Custom Quantity to specify how many collectables you want to craft. The table then automatically calculates how many scrips you'll get as well as how many of each material you'll need.

NOTE: Why farm for Skybuilders' Scrips?

Skybuilders scrips are a currency that you get whenever you turn in Ishgardian Restoration collectables. You can exchange these scrips for various items by talking to the Scrip Exchange NPC in The Firmament.

Some of these items can be sold (for a lot of gil) on the Market Board.

And that's everything you need to know about... everything!



The huge majority of the data in this guide was obtained in-game by me personally, but this guide would never have existed without the help of a lot of other people.

Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to offer their feedback / support in one way or another over the years.
(Please continue to point out any errors you find!)

And thank you to the communities responsible for creating and maintaining the following databases.
(Please support these guys if you can—they do awesome work!)

Outside references used:

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of this stuff, feel free to contact me anytime.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Good luck and have fun! =)